Initial, examine the watch look parts

The watch look from the shell, table mirror, dial and Time Division seconds examine. Case ought to be no trachoma and apparent
scratches, angular symmetry; screwing in the back cover and on the shell ought to be tight; two tables ring is equal towards the
distance using the case fake omega watches , the mounting ear Juan holes ought to be within the case feet tail position center isn't partial, the
depth from the hole suitable, simple to fall off the table ring; table mirror ought to be no defects and scratches, transparent
light; three-pin is installed properly, the right safety clearance ought to be in between the needle and also the needle, table
mirror and dial; dial and pointer coating finish, no scar, dial scale lines or luminous points; head with about 0. 1-0. 3mm gap in
between the case.

Second , examine the watch sensitivity

Watch the sensitivity will be the wheel automatically from the swing flexibility. Inspection techniques are: 1) there will
probably be no over-the watch the Clockwork has stopped walking and gently shake the indicates of shaking the energy to observe
the second hand move about: when the second hand to quit walking inside a extremely brief time period, then only watch completed
all of the complete winding (ie, winding torque), higher sensitivity; replica breitling continue to stroll about to get a lengthy time when the
second hand, you only watch the complete winding can not be totally completed (ie, winding also stored torque) sensitivity isn't
higher or table machine failure. two) there will probably be no on winding watch stopped walking slowly rotating head to observe
the second hand begin: the post to rotate the much less, the second hand begin, the sooner the greater sensitivity from the table;
otherwise low sensitivity or Table machine has other faults. But spend focus towards the quick slew watch gossamer stiffness than
traditional frequency (18, 000 cycles / hour) Table confidential on over from the small clockwork to swing. The higher sensitivity
watches continuation walking on foot following a winding longer fake rolex watch .

Third, examine the spacing and place from the watch hands

Biaozhen table mirror, dial in between 3 needles ought to preserve a particular distance, and otherwise mutually generate the
grazing and impact the regular operation from the machine from the table. Checks may be observed by dialing needle. Place and
interaction from the hour and minute hands are regular inspection techniques: the minute and hour hands appropriated three:00,
9:00, and observe whether or not the two pins at correct angles breitling copies ; the appropriated 6:00, whether or not the two pins inside a
straight line; appropriated for 12 points whether or not the coincidence from the two needles.

Fourth, examine the watch on the post physique

Regular watch section ought to be simple. Rotating the head bar, really feel looser, steadily increasingly more tightly, can not
continue to move the rotating head, the mainspring has been entirely filled and operating on the post physique. In the event you
turn the deal with head bar occurred the Cha �?abnormal sound or generate leading teeth slip phenomenon, the failure on the post
physique. , Examine the watch dial needle physique

Watch dial needle ought to be flexible, dependable and uniform rotation pointer. The examine ought to be focused on checking using
the tightness from the wheel and also the center from the axle friction. Dial needle, no partial loose or tight feeling, the
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